Black vulture in a pine tree across the street.


And here’s Max, looking mischievous after his adventures of the afternoon.


I was busy clearing the drain pipe of our air conditioning system, which had clogged up and caused water to leak from the AC unit. While I was doing that, Max found part of a package of Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies, took it into his open crate, removed the cookies from the package, and ate them up. When I finished my AC task I noticed the empty package in the crate.


Milano cookies are sandwich cookies with a thin layer of chocolate filling, and chocolate can be dangerous for dogs. There’s not much chocolate in these cookies and he’d only eaten the few cookies left in the package, so I felt pretty sure he was okay, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I called the Emergency Vet Clinic which referred me to a pet poison hotline, and after they asked me about the cookies and about Max’s size, weight, and general health status, they assured me that he hadn’t consumed enough chocolate to hurt him. Max has been fine all afternoon and evening, and I’m very relieved!