A Long-tailed Skipper butterfly came visiting the basil flowers today.


I saw these butterflies often last year–they seemed to especially like basil flowers. This is the first one I’ve seen this year.


Most skipper butterflies are very small and yellow or orange. The Long-tailed Skipper is mostly shades of brown with some dusty green on its body. It’s also larger than most skippers, and has the long tails on its wings that give it its name. This is the same butterfly seen in the first two photos, but it’s in the shade here, making it look more gray than brown.


I caught Max trotting around the yard with this cicada. It was dead–I hope not Max’s fault.


It had beautiful blue/green colors on its back and wings.


A head-on look at the cicada.


Curl at the end of a gloriosa lily leaf. The plants are dying back now, which is why the curl is turning yellow.