Exactly two months ago today Max came home with me from the animal shelter. He was scared and uncertain about his new situation at first, but he adjusted. We had to adjust to him too–a lively little rascal with lots of energy!



Max has learned a lot in two months. He understands many commands: come, sit, paw (shake hands), down, stay, roll over, go out, go to bed, and more that I’m not thinking of now. He knows the names of his toys and loves chasing his Frisbee in the backyard. He’s a smart, funny little guy who keeps us busy!


Max especially likes being out in the backyard and will often just lie in the grass watching what’s going on around him. He loves going for walks with me at the local community college, where he’s fascinated with the geese in the pond.


I love his giant ears, which sometimes stick straight up, while at other times the tips of his ears fold over. Sometimes each ear does something different.


It hasn’t always been easy with this lively little guy–we were used to living with Sophie and Lulu who were older dogs, much calmer and less active than Max. But we’ve had lots of dogs over the years and several of them were just as energetic as Max when they were young. In fact Sophie was almost as active as Max when she was a year or two old!