Yesterday was National Dog Day, and since I forgot to post dog pictures yesterday, I’m posting them today.

Here’s Max in the yard yesterday, celebrating National Dog Day with his new toy.


My dear Sophie and Lulu. I still miss my girls every day.


This was Bonnie, our little sheltie mix. Twenty years ago I brought her home from the animal shelter as a puppy. She was a sweet, gentle, smart little dog who lived to be 15.


Another dog from the past, our basset hound Buddy. He was a rescue dog in search of a home and we took him in. Buddy was an amazing agility dog! Agility is not a typical dog sport for basset hounds, but Buddy loved it so much and earned a couple of titles.


I did not take this beautiful action shot of Buddy–I was running the course with him, directing him to the obstacles. The photo was taken by a wonderful agility photographer, Tien Tran, at a trial about 15 years ago. I have always loved this picture!