There was a little visitor up in the palm trees this morning, upside down as it held onto a palm frond with its feet.


After it moved out into view, I could see its black and white pattern.


It was a little Downy woodpecker, a small woodpecker not much bigger than a sparrow even as an adult. They don’t have yellow faces, by the way–the yellow on this bird’s face is either residue from pecking, or a reflection of yellow from the palm tree.


The little woodpecker hopped and climbed around, pecking occasionally.


I could see just a hint of red at the upper rear of the bird’s head.


Adult male Downy woodpeckers have a red patch at the back of the head/nape. Juvenile females can have some red at the back of the crown, which is what this looks like. This does look like a young bird, so probably a juvenile female.


The woodpecker moved around to the other side of the tree and into the sun.


One more of the Downy woodpecker.