When we took down our old backyard fence this spring and had a new one put up, it looked like we’d lost the wildflowers I enjoyed along the fence. But now there are some tall wildflowers on our neighbors’ side which I can see over the top of the fence, and they are attracting butterflies, bees, and other insects.

Several honeybees were out there today.


A bee busy in another flower.


One more bee.


Love bugs are active right now in our area, and love bugs were visiting the wildflowers too. Love bugs got their name because they pair off, mate, and stay attached to each other as they fly around together. The female love bug has a larger, longer body with a smaller head, while the male has a smaller body with bigger eyes. In this photo the female is dragging the male after her as she climbs the flower stalk.


On top of the flower, the female and male are looking at different parts of the flower, but still attached to each other. He looks like he’s trying to get away, but he wasn’t successful.


Time to leave and head back down the flower stem. The female is still leading the way and pulling the male behind her.