I came across a couple of cicada shells clinging to one of the palm trees. This one almost looked as if the cicada was still inside, but when I looked carefully I saw the split in the back where the cicada emerged.


Side view of the cicada shell. That almost looks like a crab claw holding onto the tree!


I also saw some other insects: a wasp and a grub battling. The grub was a large white June bug grub I think, and the other insect looked like a red and black mason wasp. The grub was rearing up in the grass when I spotted it, and the wasp was crawling around over it.


The grub seemed distressed by the wasp’s attack, shifting and moving, but the wasp wouldn’t stop.


I observed for several minutes. I think the wasp was stinging the grub, but I couldn’t actually see that happening. The wasp eventually left and the grub died.


This last photo isn’t an insect–it’s a young anole nicely camouflaged on a branch. At first glance I didn’t see the anole, and then I noticed the dark eye looking up at me.