Max and I were walking in the backyard this morning when we came across a snake lying in the grass. I seldom see snakes and couldn’t identify it, so I quickly took Max back to the house and grabbed my camera. When I went back outside the snake was still lying calmly in the same spot.


It was several feet long with a white stripe down its back.


Closer look at the snake. After I got back in the house I looked up snakes on the computer and compared my photos to the online images. My snake seems to be a garter snake, a pretty harmless snake, so we don’t need to worry much about it. I’d still prefer for it to move on into a neighbor’s yard.


I wanted to find out more about the toads that Max and I see in the yard in the evening, so once again I took some photos for ID purposes. The Florida Marine Toad or Cane Toad can kill pets with its poison, but by comparing photos, I could see that the toads in our yard were different from the Marine/Cane Toad. We have the most common toad in our area, the Southern Toad, which is not dangerous. I still don’t let Max play with them!


Wildflowers growing up over the top of the fence. The sun lit up the flowers against the shady dark bushes and trees in the distant background.


Another wildflower photo.