Not the first My Twinn doll ever made, but the first one in my collection! Back around 2001 I had discovered the My Twinn website and I was looking through the “Friends” pages–already assembled and dressed 23 inch dolls. (My Twinn’s more expensive custom dolls were specially made to resemble photos of a child sent in by the buyer.) I scrolled through lots of dolls but one in particular caught my eye. He was a boy with brown hair, light hazel eyes, and a few freckles, wearing denim overalls and a long-sleeved red shirt. His name was Mario–at that time My Twinn gave names to the Friend dolls. I ordered Mario and a short time later he arrived at my house.


I loved everything about him–his brown hair with its hint of auburn, his light hazel/amber eyes, his outfit that looked like a real child’s clothes, right down to his tennis shoes. I learned that he had the face mold collectors called Wendi.


Because of his armature he could be turned and posted in many different positions, and could easily stand by himself. I liked his size too.


Mario didn’t come with a cap, but My Twinn made denim caps to match the overalls, so I added a cap to Mario’s outfit.


So this is Mario, the one who started my Twinn collection about 15 years ago. He’s still one of my favorite dolls.