Hurricane Matthew will be moving up the coast of Florida, and we’re paying attention to all the updates. So far it looks like we’ll be all right here in the far northeast corner of Florida. We’re a good 20 miles inland from the coast, and we’re not in a flood zone. With past hurricanes we’ve had lots of rain, small tree branches falling, and some short spells of electricity going out. Right now we have light rain and that’s about it.

The worst of the storm for us should be Friday, when heavy rain and strong winds are predicted.


Preparing for a hurricane is something people in Florida quickly learn to do. We have lots of water and foods that don’t have to be refrigerated on hand, our cell phones and other devices are fully charged, we have our battery-operated lanterns ready with extra batteries on hand, and we have a small propane stove to use if the power goes out. Probably we won’t need any of this, but we’re ready just in case.

Schools in our area are closed tomorrow and Friday. I was very happy when the doctor’s office called to cancel my husband’s appointment for tomorrow. Even if we weren’t in the middle of a hurricane at that point, it would have meant transporting him and his power wheelchair, getting him and the chair in and out of the van, in probably heavy rain.


The anoles generally seem to do pretty well during tropical storms and I expect most of them to pull through.


Here’s a crowd of insects, probably juvenile leaf-footed bugs, gathered on the fence. I wouldn’t mind if they washed away. They are pests in tomato plants, and we do have one fall tomato plant that’s blooming right now.


It has turned out that Max is not fond of rain. I’ve been putting him on a leash and insisting he go out at regular intervals, and so far that’s been working fairly well. He did go out and chew on a palm tree for a little while this afternoon during a break in the rain.


I hope that everyone else affected by Hurricane Matthew comes through it safe and sound, with minimal damage and inconveniences. Take care and be safe!