A quiet day with lots of reporting about Matthew on television. The hurricane should reach us Friday evening, and we’re as prepared as we can be. On the positive side, Max has adjusted to the rain (which is ranging from a slight drizzle to a moderate rain). He’s been willing to go out on his own, though he insists on bringing a toy along.


This toy–which is supposed to be a moose, I think–is almost exactly the same color as Max.


He’ll sometimes come back to the door without the toy, and I have to send him back into the yard to find it.


Tomorrow the rain should be much heavier with strong wind as the hurricane gets closer, so Max may not be so agreeable about going outside! This is a relatively mild wind today.


Palm tree with other trees in front of a gray sky, which is what we had all day today.


And a mockingbird on the fence–one of only a few birds I saw today.