Power is on, internet and phone are working, and we are back to normal here after Hurricane Matthew. Our power outage was relatively brief–from last Friday afternoon until around noon on Saturday–but our internet and phone were out until yesterday afternoon. We were fortunate and had no flooding and no damage from the storm.

I did take some photos during the hurricane. Here are our palm trees blowing in the wind.


And another palm tree shot.


Rain drops from the edge of the roof.


Brown anole taking shelter on the back screen door.


But this anole stayed in the tomato pot, popping its head up now and then to check on conditions.


Max was brave and went outside during the storm when he needed to, but he wasn’t happy about it.


Even during a hurricane, it’s important to watch for anole lizards on the palm trees.


The tree branch that fell into our yard. It came from a neighbor’s tree on the other side of our fence. It wasn’t very big and it didn’t cause any damage.


This little fellow went hopping past our back door during the storm. I thought it was a frog, since it looked so different from the ordinary tan/brown toads I often see in the yard. But a friend who received a book about frogs and toads of North America for her recent birthday researched this guy, and she determined it was probably a Spadefoot Toad. These toads mostly live underground and come out after a heavy rainfall.