I love seeing the red, orange, and yellow leaves on this tree. Northern parts of the country have probably already had brilliant displays of fall colors, but in Florida we don’t get much of that. This tree does have some colorful leaves from late October into November, and I enjoy them every year.


We have one tomato plant still standing. It survived being cut back at the end of summer, and it grew out new branches and leaves, and finally a few flowers. Hurricane Matthew came along and the tomato plant survived the storm. I took a close look at the plant today and to my surprise I saw a tomato!


Yes, there are a handful of cherry tomatoes growing on this plant. You can see a few smaller ones back to the right of the tomato in the foreground.


I don’t know if the tomatoes will last long enough to ripen, but I’m delighted they made it this far. And there are still tomato blossoms, so there’s a possibility of more little tomatoes. One year I picked our last cherry tomatoes on Christmas day!