A few photos today of one of my My Twinn dolls. These dolls are 23 inches tall with a stuffed body, vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, and an internal armature that makes them easy to pose. They come with a wide variety of face molds and hair, eye, and skin colors. The My Twinn company has closed so there are no more of these dolls being made.

This little boy is Michael, and he has the Jessica face mold. He has straight dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and an olive skin color.


Michael is wearing an original My Twinn boy’s outfit–a long-sleeved gray shirt with orange and blue stripes, and matching blue pants with orange cord at the cuffs that can be loosened/tightened.


The armature in these dolls makes them very poseable. Here’s Michael with his hands behind his back.


And with his arms spread wide.


One more of Michael.