A busy day today with errands and a doctor appointment, so just a few photos.

This is one of the oldest dolls I own, made in the 1920’s to early 1930’s–so she’s approaching 100 years old! She doesn’t have any markings or tags, but she is obviously one of the many baby dolls made by many companies for little girls in that time period. She has a composition head, lower arms, and legs, and a soft stuffed body, and is about 19 inches tall. She has a “crier” in her back that used to say “Mama”  when she was turned over, but it doesn’t work anymore.


She came from a doll shop with just a slip, so she’s been redressed in a lacy white dress and bonnet with white stockings and shoes. (And oh yes, she’s still wearing the slip under her dress.) She has blue/green sleep eyes (probably blue originally, but yellowing in her eyes gave them a greenish tinge), and molded and painted blonde hair with a curl on her forehead. She has a open mouth with two little teeth showing. She’s a very happy, cheerful looking baby. This doll isn’t in perfect condition–she has some paint rubs and small cracks–but I imagine her as some little girl’s treasure many years ago!


No Bald Eagles around today, but I did see this little Eastern Phoebe on the fence this afternoon when I took Max out in the backyard.