Yesterday I heard noisy crows outside, and I looked out the window in time to see a few crows chasing away a Red-tailed Hawk. The birds were gone before I could pick up my camera. Today the hawk returned and the crows chased it off again. When I got outside the hawk was soaring around over my yard by itself, apparently a comfortable distance away from the crows down the street.


I’ve seen lots of Red-shouldered Hawks this year, but I think this is the first Red-tailed Hawk for 2016. The dark belly band is a distinctive feature of the Red-tailed Hawk.


Sunlight brightening the hawk’s red tail.


The Red-tailed Hawk flying away.


Max was depressed tonight. His cow got stuck inside his tree trunk toy and Max couldn’t get it out.


This was because Max was trying to pull the cow out through one of the small holes in the side of the tree trunk, instead of the larger opening at the top. So now we have a tree trunk with a large cow head sticking out of the side. I’ll rescue the cow eventually…