Squirrels are still busy and active in the trees and along the back fence. This one looks like it has an acorn in its mouth.


Vine on the fence. The red flowers are just beginning to open.


Max loves to be outside–he hunts for lizards, tries to look under the shed, chases squirrels, stands at the gate and watches vigilantly for strangers walking down the street, barks back at any dog he hears barking, pulls off old parts of the palm trees, hauls his toys around. He loves to play with his Frisbee (he doesn’t catch it–I throw it and he runs after it, picks it up, and brings it back to me). He also loves to play baseball, exactly the same way he plays Frisbee. And often he likes to just lie in the yard and relax.


Max watching me very alertly–maybe hoping I’m going to bring out the Frisbee or the baseball.