I can’t remember this doll’s name–I think it was Kiera or something similar–but I do know she was designed by doll artist Sissel Skille for the Gotz doll company. She is about 19 inches tall, all vinyl with strung joints at her neck, shoulders, and hips. She has red hair and blue eyes with a sweet, thoughtful expression.


I designed and made the dress she is wearing–a blue calico print with white and red collar and cuffs. I wanted a dress that looked a bit old fashioned, like something a child from years ago might wear. She has white shoes and socks.


She is holding her rag doll, which I designed and sewed especially for this Skille doll. The little doll is 5 1/2 inches tall with brown yarn hair and a painted face. I made her a red  dress with a lace collar, and I sewed her legs and feet from white and black fabrics, giving the impression of white stockings and black shoes.