On Monday I posted my 19 inch doll by Sissel Skille for the Gotz doll company. Today I’m adding my tiny Gotz Skille dolls, just 9 to 9 1/2 inches tall. I do have to say that these dolls are not marked with the artist’s name, but based on comparisons with larger Skille dolls, I believe the faces for these dolls were designed by the same artist. Both little dolls are all vinyl with joints at neck, shoulders, and hips–not strung, just ordinary turning joints. Both have rooted hair and inset eyes with applied upper lashes. About 10 years ago I found them in their original Gotz boxes at a Tuesday Morning store, where excess merchandise from various sources is often sold off at a discount.

The first little girl has curly red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. She has an open mouth smile with tiny teeth showing. She is wearing a white dress trimmed with ribbons and rhinestones. She also has white panties, camisole, socks, and shoes.


This doll seems pretty definitely a Skille design to me–Skille has a distinctive style in her face designs, and this looks like a miniature of some of her larger doll faces.


One more of the little red-haired girl.


My other little doll is a Christmas girl with brown hair in braids and brown eyes. She is wearing a red coat and hat trimmed with white fur, white tights, and black laced-up, fur-trimmed boots. Her coat closes with hooks and eyes.


Under her coat she is wearing a Christmas dress with a holly berry print and red ribbons. This doll still has her Gotz wrist tag–the other doll lost hers somewhere along the way.


This little doll’s face also looks like Sissel Skille’s style of face design, very similar to some of her larger dolls with closed mouth faces. After a quick bit of research online just now, I learned that her name is Gunhild and that she was indeed created by doll artist Sissel Skille for Gotz in 2005. She is listed as a 10 inch doll, though my little ones seem closer to 9 1/2 inches.


One more of the dark-haired little Christmas girl.


Two tiny girls together.