Sophie and Lulu are always on our minds and in our hearts. We mention them often, remembering funny and sweet things they did. We have a group of photos of the girls in our dining area where we can see them every day, and right now the vase of Thanksgiving flowers is just below them.


Max was very excited about Thanksgiving, probably his first inside a house with a family. He seemed amazed by the turkey–he kept poking his head up to stare at it on the counter or on the table. And ever since then he’s come to look at what’s left of the turkey in the refrigerator every time I open the door. He got a bit of turkey in his supper on Thanksgiving and again tonight, which made him very happy.

There was a row of 26 pigeons lined up along a nearby wire this morning–too many to fit into one photo to post here without turning them all into dots. So here are a dozen of them, about half the group.


And here are  4 more, looking as if they’re conversing in pairs.