Another one of my 23 inch My Twinn dolls today. This little girl has the Caitie face mold, one of over 40 faces used by My Twinn. She has long wavy blonde hair with blue-gray eyes and a few tiny freckles. She is wearing a dress I made for her along with her original Twinn socks and tennis shoes.


This Caitie is a bit of a hybrid–she has a lovely head, wig, and eyes from the Denver era of My Twinn, when the nicest quality dolls were made, but she has a 2005 body from the later Virginia era. Her body vinyl isn’t a perfect match to her head, but it’s close enough. I love her expression–serious and maybe a little hesitant.


Like my other 23 inch Twinns, Caitie has an internal armature that allow her to hold poses and stand by herself.


One more of Caitie.