Quiet day after Christmas here. I saw a hawk in the sky which turned out to be a Red-tailed Hawk. The tail was not as strongly colored as the hawk I saw the other day, so it could have been different Red-tailed Hawk, or maybe just differences in lighting and position.


Hawk turning its head to look down towards the ground.


We are probably twenty miles from the beach, but we still see lots of gulls. They gather in areas such as parking lots to pick up scraps of food–and since there’s a supermarket just around the corner, there are always gulls around. I’m not very good at identifying gulls, but I think this one is a Laughing Gull, which are common around here.


Vultures are always around too, soaring and circling up in the sky. This one is a turkey vulture–it has red on its face and bill, and lighter colored feathers on the rear edges of its wings.



Another shot of the vulture.