Here’s another one of my many My Twinn boy dolls. This little boy has the Berkeley face mold, one of the Asian faces. I’m pretty sure his head and body are both from the Virginia My Twinn era, but it’s possible his head was from the Denver years. He has tan skin (which used to be called 04 color in Denver). I changed his eyes and his wig to these light brown eyes and light/medium brown wig.


Changing Twinn eyes involves removing the wig and eye lashes, heating the head  (usually with a hairdryer) until the vinyl is soft, popping the old eyes out of the eye sockets with various tools, reheating, and popping the new eyes in. Sometimes it goes fairly smoothly and without much difficulty, but sometimes it’s a struggle! This little fellow’s eye change was the most difficult one I ever tackled.  I only managed to get one new eye in place using the usual method–the second eye simply wouldn’t go in. I had to resort to cutting an opening in the top of his head and I put the second eye in through the opening, then gluing the opening closed. Fortunately his wig covers his scars.


His wig has a sort of cowlick on one side that just wouldn’t smooth down evenly, but I liked the wig in spite of that. He is wearing a teeshirt and jeans that I made for him.


Computer was acting up a bit earlier this evening, but seems to be all right now. I hope it’s all straightened out. If there’s no  post tomorrow, I may be involved in computer repairs!