Max  spent some time looking around the palm trees this afternoon, always hopeful of seeing anoles. After a few minutes he stopped and looked toward the shed.


The shed is raised up, but there are cinder blocks, bricks, and some fencing around the base to keep Max from getting under there. That doesn’t stop him from trying to look under the shed and the ramp.


Today Max spotted something under the ramp to the shed–or at least he was convinced he’d seen something. I once saw a snake (harmless) retreat under there, and a couple of times I’ve seen a mouse near the shed, so there could have actually been something under the shed today.


He galloped over the ramp and around the shed.


When he emerged from the back of the shed, I could tell by his sandy nose that he’d been poking around the barricades, trying to see whatever he thought was under there. No success today for Max the hunter though!


This big tree in my neighbor’s yard has just a few leaves left on it.


Another leaf getting ready to fall.


It’s New Year’s Eve, and I picked tomatoes today–just a few, but it was nice to be able to say we had fresh ripe tomatoes on New Year’s Eve.


And there are still more tomatoes coming along. Here’s a bunch of mostly green little tomatoes, with the one on the lower right beginning to ripen.


Happy New Year to everyone!