We’re continuing to have pleasant temperatures here, and anoles are emerging to enjoy the nice weather. I was especially happy to see this female anole–she’s lived near the back door for months, but hid away during the freezes. She has distinctive markings on her back that look like white X’s across the center white line.


This male anole was up on top of the fence, just looking around and not especially bothered by me and the camera.


Giving me a side glance here.


Max took his dodo bird toy outside today, a purple bird that squeaks loudly when squeezed (or chewed on). The bird is upside down here while Max is looking around.


Max and his dodo bird.


Our big rosemary plant is blooming again, and this time in four places. I can see more buds clustered behind this flower.


The flowers are small, maybe 1/2 inch, and I had to look through the rosemary plant carefully to spot them.