This is the tree where I often see warblers picking berries. The tree has lost all its leaves, but there are still plenty of berries for the birds.


Sun shining through the leaves of this tree.


Sunset this evening.


This is an odd one. A flock of birds swooped into the top of this tall tree, and by the time I lifted the camera to try for photos, the birds were already leaving. There are two birds here: the one on the left, from the neck down; and the bird to the right of the first one, with the head showing but most of the body behind the leaves. You can see lots of berries on this tree too, probably what attracted the birds. From what I saw of them I think it was a flock of starlings.


Up in that same tree I spotted a squirrel sitting on a branch, and I did manage a better shot of the squirrel than I did of the birds.