Another My Twinn girl doll for today. She’s a 23-inch Twinn with a stuffed cloth body, vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, and an internal armature so she can hold poses and stand by herself.

She has the Wendi face mold, one of my favorite faces with medium brown wavy hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. Her head and eyes are from the Denver era of the My Twinn company, when the best quality dolls were being produced, but her body–with a very slightly different skin tone– is from the later Virginia era. This happened often when the Virginia company opened and had to match older Denver heads to their newly produced bodies.


This Wendi is wearing an original My Twinn winter outfit: a sparkly off-white sweater with an embroidered dark red snowflake, and matching dark red velour pants.


One more of this little Wendi girl.