I spotted this bird this morning while I was looking out the back door, watching Max in the yard. The bird was up in the tree with the berries, and I felt sure it was a warbler. But after I took a few photos and looked at them closely, the bird seemed a little too big to be a warbler, and the bill looked too long and heavy. Lots of yellow, though, a very common warbler color.


I looked through my bird books for possibilities and found a pretty good match in the female Baltimore Oriole. I checked with a bird identification group and they confirmed it. Here’s a side view of the Baltimore Oriole.


There were bluebirds around the yard today too, about a half dozen of them at one point. They looked like a mix of males and females, and the males seemed to be trying to chase each other away. Maybe they’re pairing up already. Here’s one of the bluebirds.


Squirrel in a tree, sitting on a branch.


And a closer look at the squirrel.


Palm fronds against blue sky.