I heard a bird singing in the backyard this morning, and I looked out the door to see a Carolina Wren on the back fence. I got my camera and took some shots out the back door, and then walked slowly toward the fence taking more. The morning sun was behind the bird, which didn’t help with photography, but I did my best!

Here’s the little wren singing.


This one is one of the distance shots from the back door and it’s not very sharp, but I loved the wren’s pose in the photo–looks as if the wren is happily parading along the fence top as it sings.


A back view of the wren on the fence. I looked up the white spots on the wren’s back, and I learned that these wrens fluff their feathers and expose the white spots under a number of conditions, from singing to sleeping.


Wren facing right.


Wren looking up at a branch and dried leaves.


And here is wren number two, who popped up to the left of the bird shown above. This little bird looked a bit wild at first sight!


This wren greeted the first bird, and then looked down the fence and spotted something it wanted to eat. The wren walked straight down the fence head first, and grabbed whatever had attracted it before going back to the top.


We had a family of these birds around last year and I always enjoyed watching them. I was happy to see two of them out there today!