I was outside talking to my next door neighbor late this afternoon when we saw something neither of us had ever seen before. Hundreds of White Ibis flew through over our yards. It was a huge group of birds, maybe multiple flocks combined, and it took several minutes for them all to fly through. At points the entire sky was full of birds in every direction!

I didn’t have my camera with me while I was chatting with my neighbor, but as the birds flew through I hurried in to get it. When I got back outside, the last of the birds were in the sky, and much to my surprise, about a dozen of them landed in the tops of the tall pine trees across the street.


I have seen these birds often but I’ve never seen an ibis in any tree at all–let alone in the tops of big pine trees. I’ve usually seen an ibis wading in shallow water or walking around on grass near the water’s edge, picking at bugs. But there they were, way up in those pine trees.


I watched the birds as they poked around in the tree tops and surveyed the area.


The White Ibis is a good-sized bird, with a body length around 26 inches and a wingspan of about 38 inches. It was amazing to see a group of these birds up in the pine trees!


After a few minutes the birds began to take off from the tree tops.


They flew off to the east, in the same direction as the large flock.


Ibis in flight.