A busy day for lots of squirrels today.


Everywhere I looked I saw squirrels climbing, swinging, and jumping in the trees.


Some of them were picking leaf buds from the trees, or carrying off small branches. Maybe it’s time to build nests.


Squirrel enjoying a snack.


An Eastern Phoebe was hanging around the yard today, turning up in several places. Max enjoyed chasing it away, so I only got a few photos. Here it is on the fence.


And here it is up in a tree.


I couldn’t identify this bird. It was very small and very quick and active, moving around up at the top of a big tree. It had a light-colored ring around its eye, and a light-colored bar on its wing. I went to my favorite bird ID place–What’s this Bird on Facebook–where I posted a couple of photos along with the location and time the photos were taken. Within minutes I had an ID–Ruby-crowned Kinglet–along with several confirmations of the ID. What’s this Bird is a great resource for people interested in birds.