I took Max for a walk at the local community college today, one of his favorite things to do. There was an Osprey flying around overhead, returning frequently to a nest on top of one of the light poles. I didn’t have the camera with me, but after I took Max home I went back with my camera to try for some Osprey photos. Of course the Osprey was nowhere in sight at this point, so all I got was the Osprey nest. I’ll have to go back and try again another day.


But as I stood near the nest, I looked around and saw a White Ibis heading toward me. They do have big feet.


A few more followed along after the first ibis. Here are two ibises, one with its bill wide open. I like their blue eyes.


I’ve seen ibises before, usually wading in shallow water or near water. There was no water in sight of these birds, though there are several ponds nearby on the campus. This ibis was walking down the sidewalk, looking as if it had somewhere important to go.


One more ibis.


When I looked around I saw a few Canada geese nearby. They watched me carefully but didn’t seem to mind me or the camera.



Goose head.



Back at home, a Yellow-rumped Warbler posed on the fence very cooperatively for me. The bright yellow on its sides is easy to see.


Then it turned around, showing off the yellow patch on its back that gives it its nickname of Butter butt.


A second later it took off and flew away. I missed getting the ends of the wings in the photo, but I was surprised I got the flying bird at all.


This Red-tailed Hawk, probably a juvenile, was soaring over the yard.


Last bird for today was this little Bluebird.