Max and I went to take a walk at the community college again today, and this time I brought the camera with me. Unfortunately the osprey that I saw soaring around last time wasn’t anywhere in sight while we were there.

But I did see some slight motion way up in the nest, so I pointed the camera up there and got some photos of an osprey head. Adult ospreys have light-colored eyes, while juveniles have orange eyes. This bird definitely had light eyes, so it’s an adult. Maybe it’s the female sitting with some eggs–I hope so.


The nest was very high, and as I looked up at it from the ground the bird head was a barely visible light colored spot. With my zoom lens I was able to see it was an osprey head and to get a few photos. I still had to crop way in to get these pictures.


I’m hoping to have more opportunities to see and photograph the osprey family!