Max and I went walking today with the camera, and I was delighted to see the osprey up in the nest again.


On another nearby pole was a second osprey, with what looked like the beginnings of a nest.


This osprey seemed to be watching the surrounding area alertly.


When a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks flew through, the second osprey went to join the other osprey in the first nest. I’m guessing that the first osprey in the original nest is a female, and the second one that appeared to be watching over things is a male.


A closer look at the second osprey.


In the meantime, the hawks continued to fly through the area.


The hawks were calling loudly as they flew. They seemed very aware of the ospreys and the nest.


There were two hawks overhead, but it seems that most of my hawk photos were of the same bird–this bird has a damaged feather on one wing.


After the hawks had flown off and the ospreys had settled down, we walked a little farther. I noticed a bird in a tree up ahead–white and gray bird with a black mask across its eyes, which could only be a Loggerhead Shrike. I’ve seen a shrike a few times before, but each time at a distance. This shrike was fairly close to me and not very high up in the rather small tree.


The shrike has a little hook at the tip of its bill, like a miniature hawk. This bird is only about 9 inches long–smaller than a mockingbird.


Closer look at the shrike.


The shrike preys on insects, small rodents, and small birds, and will sometimes impale its prey on a thorn or wire until it’s ready to eat. There was nothing like this in sight near the bird I saw today!