Our cherry tomato plant made it through the winter, the first time we’ve ever had one last all the way through to February. Most of the plant is brown and looks dried up, but there are still bits of green here and there. And there are still tomatoes growing and ripening.


Another tomato ready for picking.


And a new little plant has sprouted on its own in the same pot, looking healthy and green and already producing tomato blossoms.


There are flowers blooming on one of the trees in the back–tiny white flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Another sign of spring on the way.


I was delighted to see robins in the backyard today–robins migrate through every year, heading north as spring approaches. Last year a pair of robins stayed around and raised at least one baby. I didn’t see them over the winter, but maybe they’ll turn up again this spring. But anyway, it was nice to see robins here today.


Max persists in hoping he’ll be able to catch a squirrel or lizard in the palm trees.