With spring approaching and warmer weather, more and more anoles are coming out. This green anole was on the side fence today.


I love the colors around his eyes.


After a few minutes he headed off over the fence and out of sight.


There were several male brown anoles facing off around the yard, getting the territorial squabbles underway. This guy seemed to impress two other nearby male anoles–the other two ran off, while this one posed on top of the fence.


Another anole on a fence rail with what looks like a bit of shedding skin on his face.


There was even a fight today: two brown anoles that had coexisted fairly well all winter around the back screen door were suddenly battling. I grabbed the camera and got just one shot through the screen before they both ran off. This guy has a big crest raised along his back and tail, and his throat is pushed out–trying to look very big and scary.