Today I went over to the community college to check on the osprey nest, and there was some sort of softball practice or training on the field near the pole where the nest is located. There was no sign of the ospreys–no heads looking out or other activity. But when the softball event was over, an osprey head popped up–the female, I assume, the one that’s usually in the nest.


The osprey was looking around and calling occasionally.


Eventually the second osprey, the one I believe is the male, came flying back to the nest area. The female osprey watched his approach.


The male osprey wasn’t carrying fish or anything else. He circled around the nest area as if checking to see if everything was all right.



I waited a bit to see if he’d land in the nest, but after flying around the area for few minutes, he flew off again. The female remained in the nest, watching him go.


While the softball thing was going on I walked over to a nearby pond, hoping to see something unusual, but all I saw were a couple of ducks and a Canada goose. I took some photos of the goose swimming with its upside down reflection in the water beside it.


The goose looks as if it’s studying its reflection here.


Water dripping from the goose’s bill.


One more of the goose.