A nice sunny day today with lots of anoles around. This big male was sunning himself on the fence, and didn’t seem to care at all about the camera.


Over by the palm trees I saw a little head pop up from behind a frond base. It was a young brown anole that was shedding the skin on its head.


Two anoles were competing this afternoon for the back screen door territory. This isn’t unusual since anoles seem to like the screen door and find it a nice place to hang out. However, these two anoles were on opposite sides of the screen–one on the outside, and one on the inside of the screen. (The screen door is outside the sliding glass door, so both anoles were outside the house.)


The anole on the outside (on the left here) never did seem to grasp that there was a barrier between him and his opponent.


He kept opening his mouth and trying to bite at the other guy through the screen.


One more of the anoles attempting to battle.


Little yellow oxalis flowers in the yard. The green oxalis leaves look like shamrocks.


And a surprise–a tiny tomato growing on the new plant that sprouted on its own in the tomato pot. The tomato is not much bigger than a pea, but it’s growing and looking good. There are more flowers on the plant, so more little tomatoes will be coming along.