I stopped off at the community college today to check on the osprey nest, and found more softball practice going on. The nest is on top of a light pole at the edge of the softball field, so the noise and activity on the field could disturb the ospreys. The nest was still in place, looking like a big pile of sticks with Spanish moss hanging from some of the sticks.


I watched for awhile and saw some movement in the nest. The female osprey was stirring around in there.


Then an osprey head popped up briefly. So the birds are still in the nest in spite of the softball activity nearby.


While I was there I walked over the pond near the softball area. No birds in the pond today, and no geese in sight, but there were some Muscovy ducks sitting under the pine trees near the water’s edge. There were about a dozen of them, gathered in little groups like this one.


Muscovy ducks were originally wild ducks and were domesticated. These ducks are a feral group living on their own at the community college. They have bare bumpy red facial areas around their eyes and bills, which is more pronounced in the males. I would guess this one is a male.


And the other duck with him here is probably female.