Today was the county Special Olympics competition for the school district where I used to teach a high school special education class before I retired. I enjoy going to this event each year–I get to see many of my former students and their parents, and it’s fun to watch them compete and win awards. Special Olympics is a life-long program with competition for all ages, so I saw some former students who are now in their 30’s and 40’s! It’s also nice to be just a spectator for a change after years of working on the organizing committee.

The athletes are usually happy with any ribbon they win, but they’re especially proud of  earning a first place blue ribbon. Here’s an athlete receiving a blue ribbon.


And wearing the blue ribbon.


Back at home, a male bluebird arrived in the yard today. His blue coloring was vivid, unlike the subdued soft colors of the female.


Bluebird taking a look down below.


And the bluebird against a blue sky.


Last for today is a Mourning dove sitting in a tree.