Max and I checked on the osprey nest today. There was more softball going on, but I did see a little movement up in the nest which was reassuring. Then we set off on a long walk around the campus, all the way down to the far end where I spotted another osprey nest up on a light pole. It looked pretty much like the first one, a pile of sticks on top of the pole, and there was an osprey in sight in the nest.


As I watched her (assuming she was a female), a male osprey suddenly swooped into the nest. He landed more or less on top of her. They were facing away from where I stood so I got the view from the back.


The male lifted off and back down a couple of times before he settled himself.


The ospreys appeared to be mating, so at this nest at least there’s a good likelihood of eggs and babies.


After a few moments the male rose up into the air to leave.


He flew away while the female stayed in the nest. You can see his head and the ends of his wings as he departed.