An electrical blip late Monday night prevented a Monday night post, so here are some birds from Monday and Tuesday.

There were two little warblers in the backyard on Monday. This one is a Palm Warbler, showing off two of its defining characteristics: it bobs its tail up and down, and underside of the rear of its body is a rich yellow.


And this one is a Yellow-rumped Warbler, the kind of warbler I see most often. It has spots of yellow on its sides and on the top of the rear of its body–you can see just a bit of that last spot under the rear edge of its wing.


A bluebird the second before it left the wire for a bug in the grass.


Yes, there are still ospreys in the first osprey nest. I saw the spikey feathers sticking up first.


And then, when the bird turned its head, I could see the osprey profile.