This is not the doll I’ve had the longest, but the oldest doll I own: a tiny doll made by the German doll company Armand Marseille, probably in the 1920’s. I sewed a dress, slip, and diaper for her, and knitted her a hat, sweater, and booties. She is in a little decorative sleigh that’s about the right size for her.


This little doll is only about 6-7 inches tall. She has a bald bisque head, inset dark brown eyes, and a composition jointed baby body. She looks as if she was played with a lot: she has a couple of scuffs on her face, and the paint is worn down on her hands.


Here she is with her hat and sweater removed.


She has dark painted eyelashes that don’t look original to the doll. Someone must have decided she needed eyelashes and painted them for her.


Showing off her booties.


This little doll definitely has her flaws and faults, but I like to think they are marks left by a little girl playing with her about a hundred years ago.