One of Max’s hobbies is playing baseball. He loves to play baseball–our own version of baseball, that is, which is more like fetch. We have two baseballs, and I start the game by tossing one across the backyard. Max races after it and when he gets it and looks back at me, I’ll make the other ball look very attractive, tossing it up in the air a few times and catching it myself. He’ll run up to me, drop the first ball at my feet, and I’ll throw the second baseball across the yard. We continue this until Max gets tired.

Here’s Max with both of his baseballs.


At the end of  baseball game: Max with both baseballs and one of his toy chipmunks, looking very happy.


One more of Max in the yard.


(Baseballs aren’t meant to be dog toys and I don’t want Max to hurt himself. So he never has a baseball unless I’m playing this game with him, and he never has a baseball in his mouth for more than a minute or so while we’re playing. I store them on top of a high cabinet where he can’t reach them.)

I took a few more photos of the lantana flowers growing up over the fence. The sun was behind me for this picture.


This one was taken from the other side of the flowers, so this time there’s a bright background.


Last one for today is bottlebrush blooming in my neighbor’s yard, with a mix of vines and bits of other plants–very tropical looking!