Baby Osprey on Sunday

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The good news is that I saw and photographed a baby osprey today! So I know for certain that there is at least one little osprey in the first nest. However, some of the pictures are not the greatest, due mainly to Max tugging on his leash while I was trying to focus and hold the camera steady.

Here’s the mother osprey on her nest. The baby is tucked under her left wing–on our right as we look at her. That may be part of the baby’s body or wing sticking out.


Mother osprey looking around.


And here’s the baby under her wing. You can see the pink tongue in its open mouth.


These last two are blurry (thanks, Max) but the baby is visible. Mom is checking on the baby here. The baby osprey has its mouth wide open and you can see its bill and tongue. It already has that dark osprey stripe on the side of its head.


One more blurry baby osprey. I’ll try again soon without Max along!



A Gotz Doll on Saturday


This little doll was designed by doll artist Sylvia Natterer for the Gotz doll company in Germany. His name is Nathan and he is about 15 inches tall, all vinyl with joints at his neck, shoulders, and hips. He has rooted red hair and painted blue/green eyes.  He is wearing his complete original outfit of shirt with a car print, plaid short pants, yellow hooded rain jacket, bucket hat, and white fabric shoes.


Natterer has a very distinctive style for her dolls. They have soft, ambiguous expressions with a gentle, thoughtful look.


All Natterer dolls (as far as I know) have painted eyes and painted facial details.


Here’s Nathan with his hat off. He’s had it on for awhile so there’s a bit of a bump in his hair where the hat pressed on it.


One more of Nathan.




Cardinal on Friday

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Cardinal on a wire out front this afternoon.




And then the cardinal decided to take a jump along the wire instead of walking.



Cardinal landing on the wire again. Looks like he’s trying to keep his balance.


And continuing on along the wire.



Three for Thursday

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Squirrel pausing as it climbs a pine tree.


Wood Stork flying by.


This one is an Anhinga, a bird that swims with just its head extended above water. It catches fish by spearing them with its sharp bill. It’s a bird I’ve seldom seen.


A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few for today. The lantana bush is growing and producing more flowers every day. I saw a butterfly on the lantana flowers today but missed getting a photo. Here’s an insect on lantana flowers though.


In case you missed the insect.


My neighbor had her sprinkler on this evening as the sun was going down. She has flowers under her palm tree in her front yard, and as the setting sun backlit her flowers, the sprinkler threw water over them. It has a sort of magical look, I think.


And last for today is Max, who’d heard a dog barking a few houses away and felt obliged to bark back and prepare to protect his territory. He’s blurry because I didn’t have a fast shutter speed set, but the photo does show his intensity, down to the cloud of dust by his feet.




Mockingbird on Tuesday

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Quiet day today. This mockingbird turned up on the wire out front, looking as if it’s growing in new feathers. Look how short the wing feathers are.


It seemed to be a rather intense mockingbird.


This is a different mockingbird, with a caterpillar or grub in its bill. There are lots of mockingbirds around, chasing each other, chasing other birds, perching high in trees and singing loudly, picking up insects, and so on.


One more of this mockingbird.


This one is the rare headless mockingbird. (Actually the bird had its head turned back sharply over its shoulder to the left, so the body blocks the head. The bright light washed out some of the chest.)


And last for today are some flowers I noticed when I went outside late last night. There were several of these yellow flowers, about 1 inch in diameter,  blooming in the yard. I don’t think I’ve seen these flowers in the daytime–I’ll have to look for them.


Swallow-tailed Kite on Monday


My favorite bird turned up today–a Swallow-tailed Kite. This beautiful large black and white  bird of prey has a wingspan of about 4 feet. Some noisy mockingbirds chased this kite away from the tall pine trees across the street, where it was apparently hunting. The kite flew across the street and soared over my backyard for a few minutes before leaving.


Circling past some trees.


Imagine a small bird or animal seeing the kite swooping in.


Kite soaring over the yard.



Kite departing. It tilts its tail and wings as it swoops and soars.




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