It was sunny and warm today, so anoles were out along the fences, including this green anole.


A pair of Mourning Doves were walking around in the yard until Max ran at them and they flew up into a tree. Here’s one of the doves.


Mourning Doves are about twice the length of the little Ground-dove I saw yesterday. I wanted to see them together but the Ground-dove wasn’t around today. So I pasted a Ground-dove from yesterday into a photo of a Mourning Dove from today, making the little dove about half the length of the bigger dove. You can see how small the Ground-dove is.


Max looking very happy. We played baseball today (his version of baseball, which is more like fetch played with a baseball). It’s one of his favorite things to do.


This is exactly the look Max gets when he gazes up at the top of the cabinet where his baseballs are kept. He’ll stare longingly at the baseballs, and then throw a glance at me to see if I’m noticing.


Last for today: palm tree with sunshine and shadows as the sun was going down.