Our volunteer tomato plant is covered with blossoms and quite a few tiny green tomatoes. This plant sprouted on its own in one of the tomato pots from last year, probably from a seed from a fallen tomato. I didn’t know if the plant would actually grow well enough to produce tomatoes, but it’s looking good right now!


Leaves on the fence, from a tree branch in my neighbor’s yard. This tree has large leaves in three shapes: a three-lobed leaf like the two at the bottom, a two-lobed mitten-shaped leaf like the one on the upper left (the “thumb” of the mitten isn’t very distinct here), and a plain leaf with no lobes like the one on the upper right. It’s an invasive tree that spreads by roots running underground–it sprouts in our yard now and then, moving in from neighbors’ yards, and I pull out roots and sprouts any time I spot it. I’ve never been able to identify it.


A dying pine tree, its dried up needles rusty orange.


Lily on our table this evening.


It was exactly one year ago today that we lost our sweet basset hound girl Lulu. Still think of her and miss her every day.