Max has a new favorite activity. It’s a dog toy tied to a rope that’s threaded through a length of PVC pipe, with knots at both ends of the pole to keep the rope in place. We just call it the pole, and Max loves it. I hold the pole and swirl the toy around on the grass while Max chases it. Every now and then I let him catch the toy and praise him. He gets to play with the toy for a couple of minutes, and then we start over again. Max has a great time chasing the toy while he’s also working off some of his endless energy! (Normally I hold onto the pole the entire time, but I set the pole down next to him here so it’s all in the photo.)


Max giving the dog toy (an alligator) a close inspection after catching it.


We had lots of airplanes overhead this afternoon, leaving trails across the sky in all directions. We do live near the airport so I’m used to seeing planes passing through, but it seemed like more than usual today.


Another plane.


Photo from last night of the planet Jupiter with its four largest moons. This was the best I could do with my camera equipment, and while I would have loved to have a closer look, I was pleased to capture the plant and the moons.