It was a busy day with doctor’s appointments and errands, but fortunately a group of birds settled into the backyard for awhile today, posing for photos. We’ve had a pair of robins visiting the yard most days lately, usually together but occasionally one at a time. This robin was by itself today.


One more of the robin.


Both mourning doves and Ground-doves were outside today. There was a pair of little Ground-doves, the tiny doves about the size of a sparrow. The one on the left is a female, and the male is on the right with its back to the camera.


Another shot of the Ground-dove pair.


Male Ground-dove. He has light grayish coloring on the top of his head and down the back of his neck. He was pursuing the female by following her around and lifting his wings away from his body in a courtship display.


Closer look at the male Ground-dove’s head.