Karito Kids are a line of dolls that has been discontinued. The six dolls represented girls from various countries around the world, and each doll came with a book about her life in her home country. The company also had a donation feature. Children could go to their website, choose from several causes benefiting needy children, and use a code that came with the doll to make a donation.

I had several of these dolls, but most of them have moved on. The remaining doll is my favorite, Ling from China. Ling is 21 inches tall, with vinyl head, arms, and legs, and a cloth body with a vinyl breastplate. She has long dark hair and inset brown eyes. She is wearing her original outfit: orange velour top, jeans skirt, white tights, pink leg warmers, and white boots. It’s obvious that these were meant to be present-day girls, not historical characters from the past!


Ling has a lovely Asian face. She actually very much resembles an Asian American girl I knew when I was teaching high school.


I liked Ling so much that I got a second one to be her twin brother. I removed the hair (which was a wig, I think) from the second doll and put on a new short boy’s wig. He turned out very nicely.


My plan was to design and sew him some clothes, but I barely got started with that project. My Ling boy (he doesn’t have a name yet) has a pair of gray plaid boxer shorts, but that’s it so far. But you can see how the body is made with the vinyl breastplate.


I’ll get back to sewing for him eventually, but in the meantime he stands around in his boxers with his sister.


Ling girl and boy.